About Us

We prepared our production area and had our machines designed and manufactured from scratch. We have done hundreds of tasting tests for proper palate and nutritional values. We successfully passed all tests in the accredited food laboratory. We applied for the patent of our product and brand.

We created sterile conditions and a hygienic environment. We designed special packaging to protect this Hygiene until consumption occurs.

Our Vision & Mission

Walnut fruit is one of the healthiest snacks and enjoyable products that can be offered to consumers. Cesan Ceviz, which takes pioneering practices in the nuts sector with deep traditional roots in our country, as a priority business goal with its innovative works, continues its work with the vision of forming a world brand.

In this context, Cesan Ceviz has always adopted the mission of delivering the walnut crops of the freshest and highest quality standards to the consumers at the most appropriate and healthy conditions and prices.